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Tiina Rosenberg


Transphobia in Feminism

A Queer Feminist Approach to Gender Variations



Queer Studies have been particularly interested in transsexualism and intersexuality because they problematize the institutional and discursive power required to maintain normative alignments of sex, gender, and sexuality. Feminist politics and theory, however, have a more complicated relationship to gender variations like female masculinity, transgenderism and transexualism. In this key note I want to share some of my theoretical and activist work within the queer feminist community in Stockholm where a theoretical and political connection has been made between Queer Theory and feminism. Queer feminism and transfeminism are challenging some of the feminist movement’s most basic assumptions about gender and sexuality, and enable both scholars and activists to examine a wide range of non-normative genders and sexualities from a more sophisticated feminist perspective.