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Bridge Markland

photo: Udo Hesse


bridgeland zwei is a bilingual bisexual piece,
Bridge Markland changes her identities like underwear

created and performed by Bridge Markland

soundrecording: Bridge Markland

soundmixing + edit: Frieder Butzmann

costumes: Bridge Markland

special costumes: Patricia Puisy, Stephan Dietrich

male text: Shelly Mars, New York

translation: Bridge Markland

original lighting design: Nikolaus Vögele

Bridge Markland the Berlin dance-theatre-performance-artist is a virtuoso of role-play and quick-change. A chameleon which throws herself into many extremes, but isn’t merely limited to one of them.

She is an artist who effortlessly crosses all boundaries between sub- and high-culture, dance, theatre, performance, comedy and erotic-art.

Her specialities are transgender-performances in which the audience can experience the change of woman to man (or vice versa).

There is an erotic aura around her in all roles and genders.

She has female and male sex-appeal far away from hetero- or homosexual limits and all inscribed identities.