Persson B. Baumgartinger and Vlatka Frketić

How to strike the aggressor dumb or Feminist strategies against transphobia


In this workshop we want to work out different strategies against transphobia and our own internalized prejudices. This strategies are worked out by all participants in different kinds of teamwork. The workshop is based on a project that we started with a special method from the black anti-racist scene in vienna : in a first step we collect 'all the sentences we never ever want to hear again'. So that our personal always somehow violent experiences with transphobia built the basis of working out strategies against them. We further use several methods like e.g. interviewing each other with these sentences finding good answers that 'strike the aggressor dumb'. The results of this interviews will show a number of different individual strategies against transphobic violence that are in the end presented by the teams and discussed. The whole workshop is framed by the very interesting and useful 'anti-bias method' that puts the emotions of the participants in the center of attention. We believe that a lot of people with different experiences of phobic violence use similar strategies against it. In this workshop we want to make some space to work out this strategies in teams and put them in a public context.