Gabriela Mrkić and Joanne McClay

SELF-DISCRIMINATION: obstacle that block accomplishing goals and normal functioning in society for Sexual-Minority(LGBT)


In modern society, majority that recognise them selves as heterosexuals has socio-political privilege and advantages. That occurrence cause discrimination on peoples of different sexual orientation, minority. They recognise them self as “different”, what may result their insecurity, feature that has bad influence on every aspect of affirmation. All social standards are based on needs of majority. For normal functioning, minority is forced to adapt them self. Heterosexuality, as sex. orientation of majority become dominant socio-political institution which establish gender norm and criterion of sexual behaviour. Just before the individuals make any contact, there is a need of recognising gender identity (so they could know how to behave, what kind of relationship can they develop…). First impression is usually based on visual perception!

        Existing and life experiences intersexual and transgender peoples are proffer that neither sex or gender can’t be reduced to or/or model. Social effects of heteronormative ideas are very visible. It is obvious that Reconstructive surgery , intersexual persons are exposed proofs  heteronormativity, which ignore or doesn’t acknowledge biologic reality. Also in the matter of transsexual persons, health and legal system allows only completed sex and gender change- person must in entirety become a person with different sex, so that way can be allowed gender change.

        Social acceptance is correlated to functioning and accomplishing goals of every individual. Based on our own experiences, and experiences of other creative peoples-artists who sees them self as a minority(according to sex orientation), we tried to mark the problems , and difficulties we have in exposing our creativity and realisation our goals.

        Every creative person aim proof, valuation of his work, recognition from society. That proof can be very valuable mostly is connected to a sense of affiliation and social acceptance, and also, one of the sources of SELF-CONFIDENCE. Minority doesn’t have privilege like others. That knowledge often causes fear of failure. The real artist want to  get rewarded for his work, not because he’s different. Making image of his sexual orientation can be god for politic of minority, making minority visible to society, but embarrassing for his profession. He need to be rewarded for what he do, not for what he is. In most cases, society forgives  successful individuals eccentricity, different sexual orientation, or behaviour. In cases like this, heteronormativity gets softer form. But those are exceptions (that could be privilege of artists).

        Before get in public, an artist make valuation of his own work, he censors it, using criterion of society he is part of…At the same time, he’s going through SELF-JUDGEMENTAL phase (has a pressure of will he be accepted considering his sexual orientation, or gender identity, or else). That process could develop bigger problem; it could cause SELF-DISCRIMINATION- an estimate of being hurt or humiliated, if he expose him self in any way.

SELF-DISCRIMINATION offers false protection from possible no acceptance from society, embarrassment, humiliation. SELF-DISCRIMINATION has sedative affect on problem such as fear of failure, it can spear someone of things he’s afraid of, but it doesn’t solve the problem. SELF-DISCRIMINATION deprives chance of being discriminated in any way, but in the same time it deprives chance to be accepted.

 Lack of self-confidence is one of most common problem that obstruct individual, spatially if one belong to minority. Assertiveness- skill that help individual to find a right way of protecting her interests without damaging the other’s rights. Self-confidence is a main part of assertiveness. Low level of assertiveness often is related to social phobic.

The workshop should have a form of discussion about SELF-DISCRIMINATION, problem we marked as obstacle in normal functioning in society, and SELF-CONFIDENCE ,as cause of problem. Also discussion about ways how to build self-confidence and/or being more assertive.