L. J.

De/Re Constructing Gender Photo Session


We are having a photo session de- and reconstructing “visible” gender. The basic concept is to dress as a self-choosen gender for the moment, boi for example, and then to deconstruct this image by undressing, taking off one piece of clothes with every picture, till there is just your body(if you feel comfortable, it is not necassary). From there, you reconstruct another gender by redressing/styling.This is done in many steps so the transforming is made visible and fluid.

Put into one line, it could be : MAN           deconstruct        YOU         reconstruct        WOMAN

Or :                                          DRAG KING  deconstruct YOU reconstruct DRAG QUEEN


To underline society’s artificiality of the binary gender system,with one gender assigned at birth and beeing expected to life with it for a life long, we show through photoseries that (visible) gender is fluid, depending on how we dress, we style, we stand etc. So whatever identity you are, transgender,gender b(l)ender, female, transsexual,intersex, male or othergendered, you have the possibility to transform into other gender and explore your range of appearances in front of the camera (even if you are sure about your gender and/or feel comfortable in your outward appearance). 

However, this is just the basic concept, you are very welcome to realize your own ideas, you could also transform only once from drag king into you, for example or......The most important thing is that we feel comfortable with what we do and have a lot of fun together! It is up to you what you/we make of it!